Monday, November 26, 2007

Potty Like You're Evil

Anyone who has read my blog entries of late last summer will think this is a repeat.

We are potty training our three-year-old.

I absolutely detest potty training.

Shouldn't it be easier than this? Shouldn't little children learn the signs of needing to go potty, go in the room, sit down, and do it? Where is the disconnect? Why is there a disconnect?

Why must every attempt to help a child learn to use the toilet end in tears, frustration, and great messes in the living areas?

Perhaps I am an entirely incompetent potty-trainer. It is possible. This is a repeat of last year's near-chaos with teaching the older sister to go potty somewhere other than in her pants. Only this time, my patience is thinner.

I am so frustrated. Is this a sign that she's just not ready? Or am I too ready to give up?