Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009


OK, I'm done with Cake Wrecks.

I have a deep love for the site, and the recent Majestic Coiled Crap Hound cake truly affirmed it. But I will never be a Wreckporter; I just can't find disasters like these anywhere. I have to live off the wrecks found by others.

Then I stumbled upon pure, unadulterated genius. Photoshop Disasters is a log of shameful, careless, unrealistically altered, and somehow still published, work. I set out to find some examples around me.

One of the biggest repeat offenders is Victoria's Secret. So I went to their site to see if I could find any examples of really bad photoshopping jobs. Within moments I found several.

This might be the only time you see girls in their underwear on my site, but I'm convinced it is totally worth it.

After all, I'm not sure they're actually human.

Check this out:
Do you see it?

What is wrong with her right leg?? And it looks like they tried to add a buttock. It just looks...creepy.

Well, apparently leg atrophy is a big problem among VS models:

Once you see a few of these, you start noticing them everywhere. There are extra arms, missing legs, vanishing navels, and lots of other serious problems.

So keep your eyes open. And realize that those unbelievably thin models don't look like that, either.

The originals are here and here.