Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crazy hair day

We had crazy hair day at school yesterday.  I tried to streak the kids' hair, but when my first idea failed, I had to improvise.

Can you guess how I did it?

Angela’s crazy hair:

Eliz’s crazy hair:

Angela from the top:

Other side:

I used washable markers.  Just plain markers.  It worked really well and washed out completely that night.

Halloween costumes!

A sneak peek at the kids' Halloween costumes:




Eliz had taken off the outer robe and was approached by a young boy who said, "Let me guess...Napoleon Dynamite!"

I haven't stopped laughing yet.

Oh, and I should add that it's either Hedwig or Pigwidgeon masquerading as Hedwig, depending on the wearer's mood.  The baby owl provides the owl sound effects.

Attempting to catch up!

Wow, everything has been mad...

Here is my small attempt to make up for my absence for nearly *ahem* two months from this blog:

First, a little overnight trip to Las Vegas to pick up Rob from the airport last week:

Waiting for the elevator in the hotel:

Uncovering fossils at the Natural History Museum:

Oh so much more to come...