Friday, April 25, 2008

"The family is happy the way the family is." *

* Angela, tapping into her Sicilian roots.

Overheard from the kitchen (this is why I sometimes want to stay in bed):
Angela: "Oops. I made a mess."
Elizabeth: "That's ok. I did too, Angela."

Angela: "You and me and Elizabeth and your husband are a family."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Need more funny quotes?

Angela: "When I eat Play Doh, I will get sick, and then I will eat English muffins."

After one of them passed gas:
Angela: "It smells like fairies!"
Elizabeth: "It smells like something else..."

Me: "Who wants to put a new garbage bag in the garbage can?"
Elizabeth: ""

Elizabeth, playing with her small wooden dolls: "These people want to rent the dollhouse!"

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dealing with snakes

Angela has a new pretend friend, a snake named Brushwater.

(For those keeping track, her friends are named: Flower, Flower, Joe, Ralph, Drill Press, and now Brushwater.)

She told me all about her new friend, how he's a nice snake and how he sleeps funny. Then she said:

"Bad snakes need a lot of alone time."

We have mad haiku skillz.

We (my family, Than, Susie, Lance, and Mandy) spent much of the weekend playing Robert Surprise, where each person writes a line in a haiku. Here are some of the gems resulting from our game:

"Cheerio, old sport!"
Ironic, considering
redneck upbringing.

Keep the ole chin up,
You undead rebel soldier.
It's Taco Tuesday.

Innocence was here,
but left before I caught up.
D'you have her number?

These are the ones I can remember, though there were many, many more good ones.

Since I'm recording them, I want to commemorate what I consider the best haiku, written in one of the first rounds of this improvised game, many years ago. Mindy and Susan deserve two-thirds of the credit, and I can't remember the third author:

Weevils in the wheat;
Must be a hundred of them.
Sounds like Rice Krispies.

Overheard yesterday

Can you guess who said what?

"White panties are the very best panties of all!"

"My hair is jingly like my friend fuzzy's big sister."

(and what it means?)