Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kindergarten graduation!

Elizabeth graduated Kindergarten!
While I used to mock the idea of kindergarten graduations, this one was very sweet.

Here she is, the graduate!

Bring on the blurry, shaky clips!!
"I like school"

"Days of the Week"

Elizabeth saying her line:

"Months of the Year"

"ABC Song"

"I Can't Spell Hippopotamus"

"I like being me"


With the other graduates:

Angela's skinned knees (which she got on the way to the graduation ceremony and showed off at every opportunity):

OK, so you can't really see the injuries.  But you can tell the extent of them by the look on her face:

Elizabeth's teacher:

Last time in the classroom!

Angela's joke

Do you know what elephants like?

Other elephants!!!

Memorial Day Limerick Attack

Five of us -- me, Than, Susie, and our good friends Chris and Sarah -- created these little gems:

To the moon and then back just once more
This time we'll settle the old score
Just me and my honey
I've bet all our money
That we'll need to ask directions for sure.

The radiance of the moon, in lumens
Is not too hard to construmens
I contemplate snow
And how it doth glow
I give up! This limerick's in ruins!

"I'm sorry!" he said with a start
"But I must stop eating my tart."
My stomach is swelling
And I don't mind telling
That the gas that I'll pass's off the chart.
(note that the author of the last line didn't use the obvious -art rhyme, but got the meaning across just as clearly.)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It was so quiet

We came home from an errand (part of which involved the girls getting lollipops) and I started to get out of the car.  Elizabeth did too, but there was no sound from Angela.  

This was weird, since she sees everything as a contest that she must win, and usually doesn't hesitate to try to be the first out of the car.  

I turned around and started laughing.

It didn't wake her up.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Great job, byodflprisus!

I saw that phrase on a computer game Angela was playing, and at first I thought it was gibberish.  But it isn't!

Also, whenever Angela sees this sign:

...she says, "No cats!"